The Panini Tour is the central moment of the launch plan for the Calciatori Album - a living product distinguished by a product life cycle and usage flows that the Tour must be able to interpret, guide and support.

It consists on a series of events spanning Italy from North to South, stopping off at more than 150 different locations with a village set up designed ad hoc, including main squares of all the major italian cities, small towns and provincial centers, creating opportunities for collectors and the Brand to play together, exchange stickers, meet up and take part to the FIGURINIADI, a true national championship game with three different football sticker based disciplines.

The Panini Tour needs an huge design project, starting from the logo and the corporate image, communication format and guidelines, Calciatori Album back cover, village set up, clothing and much more.

The Tour in numbers:
62 different locations
172 event days
18 regions visited
3 months of event
210.000 albums distribuited.

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